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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Aoril 10th in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2007 – Final approval for same-sex domestic partnerships passed in Washington State, USA

Born this day

Montague Summers  (1880 –  1948)  UK
Author / Clergyman

Wim Ibo (1918 - 2000), Dutch
Cabaret historian, who used to be a stand-up-comedian, director, writer/journalist and record- and TV-producer. At school he started a cabaret group 'The Merry Young Five'.

George Stambolian (1938 - 1991 ) US 
Educator, writer, and editor of Armenian descent, who was a key figure in the early gay literary movement that came out of New York during the 1960s and 1970s. He was best known as the editor of the Men on Men anthologies of gay fiction.

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes  (1968 – )  Puerto Rican
Author / Poet / Playwright

Jan Werner Danielsen  (1976 – 2006) Norwegian

Gro Hammerseng  (1980 – ) Norwegian

Died this day

Dorothy Wilde  (1895 -1941)  UK
Author / Socialite

Marjorie Main  (1890 - 1975) US

Sodomy in history, 
April 10

1855California outlaws making an assault to commit the crime against nature, with a penalty of 1-14 years.
1865 — The Iowa Supreme Court rules that a woman accused of sodomy can sue for slander, five years after saying that a man could not. It says that the rule should be different for women.
1869 North Carolina reduces the penalty for sodomy from 20-60 years to 5-60 years.
1953Tennessee changes its law on infamous crimes (which includes sodomy) to permit those convicted of them to testify in trials, but to allow their credibility to be attacked.
1967 — A California appellate court upholds the disorderly conduct conviction of a man who solicited an undercover officer in public for private sex.
1968Georgia adopts a new criminal code and raises the penalty for sodomy from 1-10 years to 1-20 years. It also specifically covers cunnilingus between two women for the first time.
1980 — A Maryland appellate court upholds the state’s sodomy law, citing Biblical references to it.


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