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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May 8th in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2009 – Maine Governor John Baldacci signed End Discrimination in Civil Marriage & Affirm Religious Freedom Act 2009 into law, legalising same-sex marriage [effective 14th September 2009], overturned in November by People’s Veto

Born this day

Tom of Finland [Touko Laaksonen] (1920 - 1991 ) Finnish. 
Iconic artist Tom of Finland has created some of the most indelible (and erotic) images of twentieth-century gay life and has fueled the fantasies of generations of gay men.

Rodolfo Morales  (1925 – 2001)  Mexican

Andre Boulerice  (1946 –)  Canadian

Donna Minkowitz  (1964 – ) US

Darren Hayes  (1972 – ) Australian

Maxx Diesel  (1974 – )  US
Porn / Teacher

Ian “H” Watkins  (1976 – )  UK

Sarah Vaillancourt  (1985 –)  Canadian
Ice Hockey

Died this day

Ethel Smyth (1858 – 1944) UK
Composer / Suffragette – Born 23rd April

Elizabeth Robins  (1862– 1952) US
Actress / Playwright / Author / Suffragette

Duncan Grant  (1885 - 1978)  UK

Sir Dirk Bogarde  (1921 –  1999),  UK

Jeff Whittington   (1985 - 1999 ) New Zealand
Hate Crime Victim

Ruth Simpson  (1926 - 2008)  US
Author / Activist

Sodomy in history, May 8

1763 — Police storm a lavatory in Amsterdam and arrest two men who were kissing. Two women had turned them in. One gets death and one gets 20 years.
1805 — King George III of England pardons sailor Bartlett Ambler of a sodomy conviction due to the questionable veracity of his alleged partners.
1917 — The North Dakota Supreme Court sustains a conviction for cunnilingus under its sodomy law. This is the first conviction for cunnilingus to be sustained on appeal in the United States.
1953 — A federal appellate court is the first to sustain a sodomy conviction under the federal Assimilative Crimes Act of 1909 for a male-female sexual assault committed on a naval vessel on Lake Michigan in the territorial waters of Indiana.
1975 — A Florida court sex dismisses charges against Gay men in the Club Miami.
1998 — The South African Supreme Court strikes down that country’s law against sex between men.
2001Arizona repeals its sodomy law.


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