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Saturday, 24 March 2012

March 24th in Queer History

Born this day

Kenneth Nelson  (1930 – 1993) US
Actor,who appeared in several television series in the late 1940s, Captain Video and His Video Rangers and The Aldrich Family among them. In 1968, Nelson accepted the lead in the controversial and groundbreaking off-Broadway production of The Boys in the Band, the first play to explore the milieu of gay life in New York City in a graphically frank manner. He and the rest of the cast went on to appear in the 1970 film version directed by William Friedkin.

Lanford Wilson  (1937 – 2011)  US

Margarethe Cammermeyer  (1942 – ) Norwegian / US
Colonel Cammermeyer had a long, distinguished and impeccable nursing career as a National Guard officer and Vietnam veteran, who earned the Bronze Star for her US military service as well as several citations.
During an interview for a security clearance in 1989, she honestly acknowledged that she is a lesbian. Greta was fired in 1992, with a dishonorable discharge from the armed forces, becoming the highest ranking officer in the US military to contest its anti-gay policies.

Jose Perez Ocana  (1947 – 1983) Spanish
Spanish anarchist, LGBT activist, drag artist and painter José Ángel Pérez Ocaña was a fixture of the counter-cultural scene in Barcelona in the 1970s. He was the subject of a milestone film in Spanish cinema, Ocaña, retrat intermitent, by gay director Ventura Pons.

Andrea Goldsmith  (1950 – ) Australian
Writer and novelist.
Goldsmith lived with her partner, the poet Dorothy Porter, in Melbourne's inner suburbs until Porter's death in 2008.

Grayson Perry  (1960 – ) UK
Ceramic Artist

Ivo Chundro  (1976 – )  Dutch
Singer, dancer and actor in musicals.

Died this day

Bob Mellors  (1950 - 1996)  UK
British gay rights activist, associated with the Gay Liberation Front. In 1994 he moved to Warsaw, where in 1996 he was stabbed to death in a burglary at his flat.

Dominic Agostino   (1959 - 2004)   Canadian
Politician who represented the riding of Hamilton East for the Liberal Party in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario  

Sodomy in history, March 24th

1882West Virginia passes a law to raise the penalties for various consensual sexual activities, claiming that the penalties are not severe enough to deter immorality. Sodomy is one of the few crimes for which the penalty is not changed.
1911California forbids the conviction of any person based on the uncorroborated testimony of an accomplice, a law that benefits Gay men and Lesbians prosecuted for private, consensual sodomy.
1939Georgia bans probation for sodomy.
1953 — A California appellate court upholds a conviction for assault to commit oral copulation. A hitchhiker was picked up and solicited, but he refused and was let out of the car.
1989Montana enacts a sex offender registration law that covers consensual sodomy and gives a judge the power to limit the employment opportunities of those subject to the law


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