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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

May 11th in Queer History

Born this day

Filippo de Pisis  (1896 – 1956)  Italian

Frank Thring (1926 - 1994) Australian
Character actor.

Valentino Garavani  (1932 –  ) Italian
Fashion Designer

Mychal F Judge  (1933 – 2001)  US
Firefighter and Priest, known as the Saint of 9/11, for his heroic work and death at the Twin Towers, 2001.

Logan Carter  (1954 –  1988) US
Actor / Entertainer / Model

Daniel Conahan  (1954 – ) US
Serial Killer

Ken Cheuvront  (1961 – )  US

Billy Bean  (1964 – )  US

Patrick Boothe  (1980 – )  US

Died this day

Wick Ederveen  (1953 - 1994 ) Dutch
Actor / Director

William Dale Jennings (1917– 2000) US
Author / Activist

Patrick Fyffe [aka Dame Hilda Bracket] (1942 – 2002) UK
Comedian / Singer / Entertainer

Sakia Gunn   (1987 - 2003)  US
Hate Crime Victim

2008 – Australian Capital Territory legalises civil partnerships [effective 19thMay 2008]

Sodomy in history, May 11

1926 — The Wisconsin Supreme Court rules that police may enter a home without a warrant to arrest people for sodomy if they see them enter the home. The Court says: "To uphold defendant’s contention would seriously embarrass the enforcement of law, and license the defendant and her kind to continue their abominable practices under the protection of the law."
1983 — The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rules that placing part of your body into an adjoining booth obviates privacy rights.
1988 — The Oregon Court of Appeals decides that a consensual act of fellatio occurring in a parked car in a driveway off a downtown street is occurring in a private place.
1990 — An Oklahoma appellate court rules that the sodomy law is not violated by placing a finger in the rectum.
2001 – 52 people arrested on “The Queen Boat” moored in the Nile, Egypt. 50 charged with “habitual debauchery” & “obscene behaviour” and 2 charged with“contempt of religion.”


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