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Thursday, 10 January 2013

January 10th in Queer History

Born this day

George Washington Carver (1864 – 1943) US

Aaron Bridgers (1918 –  2003) US

Johnnie Ray (1927 –  1990) US
Singer / Songwriter / Pianist

Sal Mineo (1939 – 1976) US
Actor / Murder Victim

Jeff Jones (1944 – ) US

Craig Russell (1948 – 1990) Canadian
Female Impersonator / Actor

Nathan Moore (1965 – ) UK

Died this day

Hannah Gluckstein / Gluck (1895 - 1978 ) UK

Paul Lynde (1926 - 1982 ) US
Actor / Comedian

Ian Harvey (1914 - 1987 ) UK

Ien Dales (1931 - 1994) Dutch

Sodomy in history, January 10th

1924 — A California appellate court rules that charging a person with "an assault to commit the crime against nature" is sufficient, because "every person of ordinary intelligence understands what that crimes is."

1930 — The Washington Supreme Court rules that one partner in an act of sodomy can be convicted even if the other is acquitted.

1952 — The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals reverses the conviction of a man arrested in Franklin Square by police for solicitation. He is the seventh arrestee in a single night by just one officer. The Court feels that this proves entrapment.

1954 — In England, Peter Wildeblood, Michael Pitt-Rivers, and Lord Montagu are arrested on a sodomy charge in a case in which the government later admits that it used forged evidence. All three are political opponents of the Churchill Administration.

1961 — The New Jersey Supreme Court suspends, until he is "cured," an attorney who had sex with another male.

1966 — The District of Columbia Court of Appeals rules that a person accused of sodomy can be convicted on the lesser charge of an attempt.

1974 — The Missouri Court of Appeals refuses to consider sociological articles in a challenge to the state’s sodomy law


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