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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

February 13th in Queer History

Born this day

Leontine Sagan (1889 –  1974) Austrian
Actress / Director

Bibiana Fernandez (1954 – )  Spanish
Actress / Model

Pia Sundhage (1960 – ) Swedish
Footballer / Coach

Mark Patton (1964 – ) US

Nick Verreos (1967 – ) US
Reality TV [Project: Runway] / Fashion Designer

Billy Masters (1969 – ) US
Gossip Columnist

Joe Phillips (1969 – ) US
Comic Book Artist & Writer

Both were Roman soldiers and lovers, honoured by the Christian Church as saints and martyrs, under the Diocletian persecution of Christians. Nearchos was Christian, Polyeuct was not. When it became clear that Nearchos would be executed for his beliefs, Polyeuct insisted on converting so that he too, could be martyred, and so would not be separated from his lover in the afterlife.

Died this day

Benvenuto Cellini (1500 - 1571) Italian
Painter / Sculptor / Soldier / Musician / Author

Bruce Voeller (1934 - 1994 ) US Biologist

Lawrence “Larry” King (1993 - 2008) US
Hate Crime Victim

Sodomy in history, February

1812 — The U.S. Supreme Court rules that there are no common-law crimes against the federal government. Since there is no federal sodomy law, this guarantees that there can be no federal sodomy prosecutions.

1953 — The New Mexico Supreme Court rules that the state’s "crime against nature" law does not prohibit fellatio, which it calls "baser than the practices of pagans." In its opinion, the Court drafts a model law to cover such practices, recommending its adoption by the state legislature.


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