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Friday, 19 October 2012


b. October 19, 1945
d, March 7, 1988

Born Harris Glenn Milstead, Divine was an American actor, singer and drag queen, who was described by People magazine as the "Drag Queen of the Century".

The fat fabulous drag queen, immortalized by director John Waters in such films as "Mondo Trasho", "Pink Flamingos", and "Female Trouble", once described himself as "just another man in a dress."

The New York Times said of Milstead's '80s films: 
"Those who could get past the unremitting weirdness of Divine's performance discovered that the actor/actress had genuine talent, including a natural sense of comic timing and an uncanny gift for slapstick." He was also described as "one of the few truly radical and essential artists of the century… [who] was an audacious symbol of man's quest for liberty and freedom." 

Since his death, Divine has remained a cult figure, particularly with those in the LGBT community, of which he was a part, being openly gay.

Divine died in his sleep in the Plaza Suites in Hollywood, shortly after the premiere of "Hairspray".


  • Roman Candles (1966)
  • Eat Your Makeup (1968)
  • Multiple Maniacs (1970)
  • Mondo Trasho (1970)
  • Pink Flamingos (1972)
  • Female Trouble (1974)
  • Polyester (1981)
  • Lust in the dust (1985)
  • Trouble In Mind (1986)
  • Hairspray (1988)
  • Out of the Dark (1989)

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