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Saturday, 13 October 2012

October 13th in Queer History,

Events this day in LGBT History: 

2009 – Uganda introduce Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Born this day

John Herbert (1926 –  2001)  ) Canadian 

Richard Howard ((1929 –   ) US 
Poet / Literary Critic / Author / Teacher / Translator

Alan Bray ( 1948 - 2001), UK. Historian, Activist.
Historian and gay rights activist. He was a Roman Catholic and had a particular interest in Christianity's relationship tohomosexualityTwo books of importance to gay non - specialists are Homosexuality in Renaissance England, and "The Friend"

Jane Lynch ( 1960 - ) US
Award-winning theater, film and television actress. In 2010, she shared a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Comedy Ensemble for the hit television series “Glee.” She also received a Golden Globe nomination and won an Emmy for her role on the show.

Kele Okereke (1980 - ) UK
Singer, Bloc Party

Died this day

Clifton Webb1889–  1966 ) US 
Actor / Dancer / Singer 

Michael Sandy ( 1977– 2006 ) US 
Hate Crime Victim 

Sodomy in History, October 13

1964 — At oral argument in the U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice Earl Warren demands that Mississippi strike from its brief an allegation that civil rights defendant Aaron Henry had been arrested for sex with another man. Warren claims that Mississippi is "poisoning the mind of the Court and the nation."
1982 — The Maryland Court of Appeals overturns the disorderly conduct conviction of a man who said "Fuck You" to a police officer. The Court noted that the arrest was illegal unless the police officer would testify that he was sexually aroused at the thought of being fucked by another man.
2000 — The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals reverses a trial court and upholds an Alabama law banning sex toys.

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