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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

October 11th in Queeer History: Eleanor Roosevelt, Jean Cocteau

Born this day:

Eleanor Roosevelt

Wife of the 32nd American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Eleanor had a secret love for journalist Lorena Hichok. As chair(wo)man of the UN-committee for human rights she was reponsible for the creation of the Basic Laws.

Lupe Valdez, Sheriff

First openly lesbian sheriff in Texas

Cleve Jones, Aids Activist

Founder of the AIDS memorial quilt

Died this day:

Jean Cocteau

French poet, painter, playwright, stage director, actor, film maker, sculptor and choreographer, born as Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau. 

Joerg Haidar, Austrian 

Renato Russo  (1960 – 1996)Brazilian
Singer and songwriter, who aged 18 outed himself as bisexual to his mother, and in 1988 he made it public by writing the song "Meninos e Meninas" ("Boys n' Girls") with the chorus stating, in English, "I like St. Paulo, I like St. João, I like St. Francisco and St. Sebastião, and I like boys and girls."
His death in 1996 was due to complications caused by AIDS.

Sodomy in History

1915 — A Delaware appellate court rules that fellatio violates the state’s sodomy law.
1935 — A California appellate court violates both statutory and case law in the state by sustaining an oral copulation conviction secured by the admission of the uncorroborated testimony of an accomplice.
1965 — The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds an oral copulation conviction of two men in California for sex in a restroom stall that was enclosed and viewed from holes in the ceiling overhead.
1995 — A federal judge in Florida refuses to dismiss a suit brought by a man arrested in a restroom for sex. The court finds that the store may have acted in concert with police, thus creating a possible federal civil rights issue. The court also finds that Florida’s privacy provision in its constitution does not give right of action against private individuals.

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