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Sunday, 16 October 2011

October 16th in Queer History: Oscar Wilde, Paul Monette, and Prince Eugène of Savoy-Soisson

Born this day:

1663:  Eugène of Savoy-Soisson, royal prince and military general
1854:  Oscar Wilde, playwright, easthete and gay icon
1945:  Paul Monette, writer.
1966: Mark Gatiss;UK, Actor, Writer

Died this day:

Al-Hakem II (915 - 976), Spain
Muslim Caliph of Cordoba

Sodomy in History, October 16

1749 — North Carolina adopts the English sodomy law explicitly.
1943 — The Tennessee Supreme Court rules that fellatio is prohibited by the state’s "crime against nature" law, although the decision is neither published nor publicized.
1958 — The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals overturns a conviction for sodomy after the police entered without a warrant to search the defendant’s home.

Calendar of Sodomy, October

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