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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vida Dutton Scudder (1861 – 1954) Indian / US, Modern Saint

b. December 15, 1861
d. October 9, 1954

Educator, writer, and welfare activist in the social gospel movement, who was one of the most prominent lesbian authors of her time. Her career combined academic pursuits, social activism, and religious fervour.

In 1895 she became one of the first two American women admitted to graduate study at Oxford university, and later taught at Wellesley College, where she was a full professor from 1910.

Her religious beliefs led her to a commitment to social activism. In 1888, Scudder joined the Companions of the Holy Cross, a group of Episcopalian women dedicated to intercessionary prayer and social reconciliation. Later, she worked constantly for trade union rights and socialism. She is recognized as a saint by the Episcopal Church (USA), with a feast day on October 10.

From 1919 until her death, Scudder was in a lesbian relationship with Florence Converse, who like Scudder, had graduated from Wellesley College and was a member of the editorial staff of the The Churchman from 1900 to 1908
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