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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

December 26th

Born this day

Thomas Gray (1716 – 1771) UK 
Poet, letter-writer, classical scholar and professor at Cambridge University. He is best known for his masterpiece, the " Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard".

Simon Fanshaw (1956 – )  UK 
Writer and broadcaster. He contributes frequently to British newspapers, TV and radio.

David Sedaris (1956 – ) US 
Grammy Award-nominated American humorist, writer, comedian, bestselling author, and radio contributor.

Reichen Lehmkuhl (1973 – ) US 
Reality show winner[Amazing Race], model, and occasional actor.

Died this day

William Haines (1900 - 1973) US 
Film actor and interior designer. He was a star of the silent era until the 1930s, when Haines' career was cut short by MGM Studios due to his refusal to deny his homosexuality.

Hurd Hatfield (1917 - 1998) US 
Actor, known especially for his starring role in "The Picture of Dorian Grey".

Sir Nigel Hawthorne (1929 - 2001 )  UK 
Actor, perhaps best remembered for his role as Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Permanent Secretary in the 1980s sitcom Yes Minister and the Cabinet Secretary in its sequel, Yes, Prime Minister.

"Fred with Tires" (1984)
Herb Ritts (1952 - 2002 ) US 
Fashion photographer who concentrated on black-and-white photography and portraits, often in the style of classical Greek sculpture. He is of special interest to the glbtq community because of the homoerotic qualities and the "homosexual iconography" in many of his photographs.
Ritts's male nudes have been described as having "a profoundly intimate feeling." The photographer himself felt that his pictures reflected a "classic sensuality" rather than a "gay sensibility." Nevertheless, although his images are widely admired by mainstream audiences, they have a particular appeal to gay viewers. One of his best-known works, "Fred with Tires" (1984), shows an almost impossibly muscular young man clad only in jeans that sag slightly below his waist.

Sodomy in history, December 26th

1912 — In Philadelphia, Rev. Alfred Mortimer of the Episcopal Church, is forced to resign and leaves the country because of sex with male parishioners.

1978 — The Oregon Court of Appeals overturns the license revocation of a physician who had been barred by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners from engaging in consensual sexual relations.


On this gay day

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