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Sunday, 13 November 2011

November 13th in Queer History

Events in LGBT history: 

2009 – Argentiana. Buenos Aires judge allows first same-sex marriage in Argentina and Latin America

Born this day

Nico (Niek) Engelschman (1913 –  1988),  Dutch.   Actor,  Activist

John La Touche (1914 – 1956), US. Musician, Author

Dack Rambo (1941 –  1994), US.  Actor

Anna Livia Julian Brawn   (1955 –  2007), Irish.   Author

Rosie Jones (1959 -  ), US. Golf

Sam Carson (1964 –  ),  US.  Porn

Claus Larsen  (1967 –  ). Danish  Musician

Died this day

Saki [Hector Hugh Munro] ( 1870 - 1916 ),  UK.  Author

Manoly Lascaris  (1912 -2003)  Egyptian / Australian.   Lover of Patrick White

John Balance (1962  - 2004 ), UK.   Musician

John Paul Kelso  (?  - 2006), US.  Businessman,  Murder Victim

Sodomy laws in history, November 13

1759 — In the Netherlands, minister Andreas Klink is banished for life for having committed sodomy. He defends his attractions as natural.

1912 — The North Carolina Supreme Court upholds the right of juries to return verdicts of attempt to commit sodomy rather than for the completed act.

1914 — A California appellate court reverses a sodomy conviction for having "carnal knowledge" of Frank Love. It says that the term "carnal knowledge" can exist only between people of the opposite sex.

1954 — The Kansas Supreme Court rules that solicitation to commit sodomy is not an attempt to commit it.

1957 — A Texas appellate court upholds a sodomy conviction even though the facts of the case show that the arresting officer could not have seen what he claimed to see in the dark from a great distance.



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