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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May 14th in Queer History

Born this day

Magnus Hirschfeld  (1868 –   1935) German
Physician and sexologist, who was an outspoken advocate for sexual minorities.  Hirschfeld founded the Scientific Humanitarian Committee, which Dustin Goltz called "the first advocacy for homosexual and transgender rights."

William Alexander Percy (1885 - 1942 ) US
Lawyer / Poet

Lou Harrison (1917 - 2003 ) US
Composer, particularly noted for incorporating elements of the music of non-Western cultures into his work, and one of the most prominent composers to have worked with microtones. Harrison lived for many years with Bill Colvig in Aptos, California.

Richard Deacon  (1921 – 1984)  US
Actor / Presenter

Rolf Gindorf  (1939 – )  German
Sexologist / Author

Martin Webster  (1943 – )  UK

Ulrike Folkerts  (1961 – ) German

Charlie Vazquez  (1971 – )  US
Artist / Author / Musician / Publisher

Clare Teal  (1973 – ) UK

Died this day

Magnus Hirschfeld  (1868 –   1935) German
Physician and sexologist

Ray Stricklyn  (1928 - 2002) US
Actor / Publicist

Pepper LaBeija  (1948 - 2003)  US
Entertainer – Born 5th November

Sodomy in history, May 14

1718New Hampshire amends its sodomy law, adopting the 1697 Massachusetts law verbatim.
1915Pennsylvania excludes sodomy from the list of crimes for which the defendant is entitled to a preliminary hearing.
1918 — A Delaware appellate court rules that solicitation to commit sodomy does not constitute an attempt to commit it.
1928 — The Nazi Party in Germany responds to a Gay rights questionnaire with a statement of opposition to legalizing same-sex sexual relations.
1931 — North Carolina is the third state to permit a divorce if one spouse is convicted of the "crime against nature.


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