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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Department of the Bizarre: Those Fabulous Fabergé Eggs.

No, not those.

I'm thinking metaphorically here, of something much more intimate, more personal. At the Gay Russian Hall of Fame, there are one - line entries for a wide range of Russian men, from diverse backgrounds and historical periods. Some of the statements I have seen elsewhere (like the one that Boris Godunov used to fellate the young czarevitch  Dimitri) - but not this one, about the celebrated jeweller:

"Faberge, Karl Gustavovich (1846-1920): Goldsmith and jeweler; created elaborate Easter eggs for Russian royal family; decorated own testicles in similar fashion as special treat for his coterie of man-servants."
I have looked, but not found any corroborating evidence elsewhere. (That does not mean it does not exist. Perhaps a reader with stronger internet search skills than I will be more successful). True or not, the mind boggles. Just how do you suppose he did it? 

No matter how dedicated he was to his art, we can assume that he stopped short of enamelling these particular treasures, with the baking in an oven that usually requires. Then there's the matter of his motivation: to provide "special treat for his man-servants"? That's not a typical employer. 

It gives a whole new meaning to the term, "family jewels".

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