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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sodomy in History, September 15

September 15
1786 — Pennsylvania reduces the penalty for sodomy to a maximum of ten years in prison and requires forfeiture of estate and prohibits bail.
1920 — A California appellate court overturns the sodomy conviction of a man because evidence of sexual acts with others was admitted into his trial.
1964 — A Connecticut appellate court upholds the lewdness conviction of a man for soliciting an undercover police officer.
1965 — The Wisconsin Supreme Court rules that a sodomy defendant recommended for "specialized treatment" can not be sentenced to prison.
1967 — The Minnesota Supreme Court upholds the sodomy conviction and five-year prison sentence of a man who pleaded guilty only because police had promised him that he would receive "treatment" instead of being sent to prison. The Court ignores the fact that police lied to him in order to get him to plead guilty.
1978 — A Louisiana appellate court upholds the right of the legislature to set a more severe penalty for solicitation for sodomy than for solicitation for prostitution because sodomy is "unnatural" and prostitution is "natural."


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