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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sodomy in History, September 27

September 27

1943 — The Colorado Supreme Court upholds the conviction of a man for sodomy and for an attempt. It concedes that there was no evidence for the attempt conviction, but says he won’t get out of prison any earlier with that portion of his conviction overturned, so leaves it standing.
1951 — An Illinois appellate court upholds a psychopathic offender designation on a man with a history of consensual sodomy.
1956 — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit votes 3-0 to reverse the assault conviction of a man for touching the undercover police who encouraged him.
1957 — The Arizona Supreme Court rejects a vagueness challenge to the sodomy law.
1965 — The Wisconsin Supreme Court denies the habeas corpus petition of a man sent to a mental facility for sodomy without the assistance of an attorney and who received no attorney’s help until 10 years later.
1979 — The Texas Court of Civil Appeals upholds the disbarment of an attorney for consensual fellatio with another man.
1988 — The Oklahoma Court of Appeals hints that all consensual sodomy is constitutionally protected, not just that between people of the opposite sex. Just 15 days later, the same court decides that sexual privacy is for heterosexuals only.

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