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Friday, 1 June 2012

June 1st in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2007 – Registered partnerships begin in South Australia
2009 – Nevada approve domestic partnerships (effective 1st October 2009) 2009 – “Everything but marriage” domestic partnership bill effective this date in Washington State, USA 

Born this day

1897 – Lionel Pries – US Artist / Architect – Died 7th April 1968
1903 – Peggy Fears – US Actress – Died 24th August 1994
1947 - Ashok Row Kavi – Indian Journalist 1950 – Tom Robinson – UK Singer / Musician
1951 – Teresa Gutierrez – US Activist / Politician (or 6th January 1951)
1952 – Ferron – Canadian Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Poet
1953 – Ken Kostick – Canadian Chef / Presenter – Died 21st April 2011
1981 – Brandi Carlile – US Singer / Songwriter / Musician

Died this day

1941 – Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole – UK Author – Born 13th March 1884
1968 – Witter Bynner – US Poet / Author – Born 10th August 1881
2008 – Yves Saint-Laurent – French Fashion Designer – Born 1st August 1936

Sodomy in history, June 

June 1

1792 — Kentucky becomes a state and receives all laws of Virginia, which includes the reception of the English buggery statute with a penalty of death.
1880 — The U.S. Census reports that 63 prisoners are imprisoned for "crimes against nature," 56% in the South, 25% in the East, 13% in the Midwest, and 6% in the West.
1890 — The U.S. census reveals that 224 people are in prison for sodomy, up from 63 in the 1880 census.
1915 — California outlaws oral sex. Its unique statute actually uses the words "fellatio" and "cunnilingus."
1949 — A Georgia appellate court overturns a sodomy conviction because the indictment did not specify how the defendant was alleged to have committed the act.
1959 — The Louisiana Supreme Court upholds a sodomy conviction even though one trial juror violated a court order and discussed the case with a witness.
1961 — The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a deportation order against an alien for loitering for solicitation for sodomy. It says that "simple assault" would not make him eligible for deportation.
1972 — The Maryland Commission on Criminal Law publishes a proposed criminal code that recommends decriminalization of consensual sodomy with an age of consent of 19. The commission’s comments demonstrate that they believe sodomy is something only Gay men ever commit.
1977 — Nebraska passes a new criminal code over the veto of the Governor that includes repeal of the state’s sodomy law.
1993 — A federal judge in Pennsylvania overturns the lewdness conviction of a man for soliciting an undercover federal agent in a national park, saying the agent led him on.


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