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Thursday, 7 June 2012

June 7th in Queer History

Born this day

1916 – Patrick Trevor-Roper – UK Surgeon / Activist – Died 22nd April 2004
1924 – Edward Field – US Poet / Author
1956 – Robert Dover – US Equestrian
1964 – Dave White – US Author / Music & Film Critic
1966 – Mark Ravenhill – UK Playwright
1970 – Dean DeBlois – Canadian Director / Screenwriter / Animator

Died this day

1954 – Alan Turing – UK Mathematician / Cryptologist – Born 23rd June 1912
1970 – EM Forster – UK Author – Born 1st January 1879

Sodomy in history, June 

1919 — A California appellate court upholds the sodomy conviction of a man. The mother of his consenting partner had drilled holes in his bedroom walls to watch.
1937 — Colorado increases the minimum fine for possession of sex toys and requires defendants to pay all court costs.
1972 — The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals rules that consensual sodomy is a "crime involving moral turpitude" within the meaning of federal law permitting deportation of any alien convicted of such a crime. The case is brought by a man convicted of sodomy with a woman.
1973 — The Nevada Supreme Court upholds the right of the state to prosecute heterosexual cunnilingus under the "crime against nature" law. In 1914, it said at lease one male must be involved, so this decision gives Lesbians a solitary exemption from the law.
1975 — New Hampshire passes a new sexual assault law and includes a repeal of the consensual sodomy law that is not noticed for a year after passage. The repeal of the sodomy law is well hidden in the law and is signed by homophobic Governor Meldrim Thomson, who does not learn of the repeal for a year afterward.


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