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Monday, 4 June 2012

June 4th in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

1998 – Rainbow Alley founded in Denver, Colorado, USA

Born this day

1943 – Sandra Haynie – US Golf
1955 – Val McDermid – UK Author
1961 – Sam Harris – US Singer / Actor / Producer / Director
1971 – Peter Joback – Swedish Singer / Actor

Died this day

1585 – Marc-Antoine Muret – French Poet – Born 12th April 1526
1967 – JR Ackerley – UK Author / Editor – Born 4th November 1896
1996 – Leen Jongewaard – Dutch Actor / Singer / Comedian – Born 30th March 1927
1998 – Josephine Hutchinson – US Actress – Born 12th October 1903
2005 – Jean O’Leary – US Politician / Activist / Nun – Born 4th March 1948

Sodomy in history, 
June 4

1812 — The Organic Act for the Missouri Territory receives the 1805 Louisiana sodomy statute, with a compulsory sentence of life imprisonment at hard labor.
1894 — The Georgia Supreme Court reverses the sodomy conviction of a boy "under 14" due to questionable evidence. It does not challenge the right of the state to prosecute those of his age as adults.
1908 — The Iowa Supreme Court upholds a sodomy conviction against a challenge that one of the jurors on the case on his own visited the toilet where the crime was alleged to have occurred.
1936 — The Michigan Supreme Court rules that fellatio can not be prosecuted under the state’s "crime against nature" law with a 15-year maximum penalty, but must be prosecuted under the "gross indecency" law with a 5-year maximum penalty.
1954 — The Massachusetts Supreme Court upholds the state’s "unnatural and lascivious acts" law.
1979 — North Carolina changes the fine for the "crime against nature" from unspecified to $5,000.
1980 — Puerto Rico amends its "crime against nature" law to set a 6-year fixed penalty, but to allow a range of 20-99 years if a habitual felon. The range is set at 4-10 years for unspecified mitigating or aggravating factors.
1981 — A Michigan appellate court overturns restroom sex convictions on privacy grounds.


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