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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Emperor Xuan-di of China, r.74-49 BCE

(Also spelled Hàn Xúan-dì or Han Hsün-ti) Son of Liu Ju, crown prince of Emperor Wu, his personal name was Liú Xún, or Bìngyi. He beame emperor in 74 BC. One of his known lovers was Zhang Pengzu. His posthumous name was Xiào Xúan, literary meaning: "filial and proclaimed".
In the year 74 BC, Emperor Zhao-di died, Huo Guang deposed the original heir to the Han throne, and Liu Bingyi was placed on the throne instead.
Emperor Xuan-di ruled for twenty-eight years, during which he tried to reduce the corruption that crept into the government. However, his attempts were ineffective, and his son and heir, Yuan-di, was the first of many dysfunctional monarchs; the chance of an inept monarch inheriting power again manifesting itself.

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