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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Right Royal Queens

Gay, lesbian and trans royals, near-royals and rulers in history.





    Caesars/ Emperors
    • Julius Caesar 60-44 BCE ["every women's husband, every man's wife] and Nicomedes, King of Bithynia
    • Emperor Augustus of Rome, 31 BC to AD 14
    • Emperor Tiberius of Rome, 14-37
    • Emperor Caligula of Rome, 37-41
    • Emperor Claudius I of Rome, 41-54
    • Emperor Nero of Rome, 54-68
    • Emperor Otho of Rome, January-April 69
    • Emperor Vespasian  of Rome, r.69-76 ?
    • Emperor Titus  of Rome, r.79-81
    • Emperor Domitian of Rome, 81-96
    • Emperor Nerva of Rome, 96-98
    • Emperor Trajan of Rome, 98-117
    • Emperor Hadrian of Rome, 117-138,  and Antinous d.130
    • Marcus Aurelius r.121-180 ?
    • Emperor Commodus of Rome, 180-192
    • Emperor Heliogabalus of Rome, 218-222 (declared one of his male lovers to be his husband)
    • Emperior Valentian III of Rome, 425-455
    Generals / Statesmen 

    • Mark Anthony c.82-30 BCE
    • Cicero 100-43 BCE [and Octavian/Augustus b.63-r.27 BCE-14

    • Emperor Michael II of the Byzantine Empire, 741-775
    • Basil IByzantine emperor (867-886), founder of the Macedonian dynasty.
    • Nicephorus I r.802-811
    • Michael III r.842-867 and Basil I r.867-
    • Emperor Basil II of the Byzantine Empire, 976-1025
    • Constantine VIII r.1025-1028
    • Constantine IX Monomachus r.1042-1055
    Ottoman Empire
    • Sultan Beyazid I of the Ottoman Empire, 1389-1402

    Other Middle Eastern
    • King Nicomedes IV of Bithynia, early first century BC


    • Emperor Ai of China, 6 BC to AD 1
    • The King of Wei
    • Lord Long Yang
    • Emperor Wei Wen of China, 220-227
    • Emperor Jin Diyi of China, 336-371
    • Emperor Lian Jianwen of China, 550-551

    The Ten Han Emperors [with "favorites"]

    • Pei Kai 237-291
    • Yu Xin 513-581 and Wang Shao
    • Zhang Hanbian c.265-420 and Zhou Xiaoshi
    • Emperor Lian Jianwen c.550-551
    • Emperor Xizong r.874-889 and Zhang Langgou
    • Emperor Wuzong r.1506-1522
    • Emperor Shenzong r.1573-1620
    • Emperor Xizong r.1621-1628
    • Emperor Pu Yi - the last Qing [Manchu] emperor - subject of film "The Last Emperor


    There was a cult of male love [man-older youth] in premodern Japan, especially among the samurai classes. This means that virtually all pre-modern Japanese men of a certain class may be assumed to have been "queer" in modern terms.

    • Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, shogun of Japan, 1368-1394
    • Oda Nobunaga, military dictator of Japan, 1568-1582
    • Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, shogun of Japan, 1680-1709

    • Emperor Babur b.1483-r.1526-1530 and Baburi [Barbur wrote a very informative autobiography!]
    • Sarmad 17th C [Jewish convert to Islam, Great Sufi mystic poet]
    • Amar Khan 18th century
    • Ramakrishna 1836-1886
    • Sebktigin, founder of the Ghaznavid Empire (Afghanistan), tenth century
    • Emperor Mahmud of Ghazni (Afghanistan), 997-1030
    • Kamran, emir of Afghanistan, early nineteenth century
    • King Abd Al-Rahman of Afghanistan, 1880-1901
    • King Amunullah Kahn of Afghanistan, 1919-1929
    • King Rama VI of Thailand, 1910-1925

    EUROPE, before c 1700

    • Al-Hakem II, ruler of Cordoba (Spain), 961-976
    • Hisham II, ruler of C¢rdoba (Spain), 965-1013
    • King al-Mutamid of Seville 1069-1090 and Ibn Ammar [poet]
    • King Henry IV of Castille 1425-r.1454-1474 [called "la Puta" by the people!] and Gregario Maranon
    • King Juan II of Castile and Le¢n (Spain), 1406-1454
    • King Enrique IV of Castile (Spain), 1454-1474
    • Antonio Perez 1535-1611 [Philip II of Spain's Secretary of State]
    • King Affonso VI of Portugal r.1656-1683

      • Emperor Frederick II d.1250
      • King Conradin of Sicily 1252-1268 and Frederick of Baden
      Five Medici's:
      • Duke Ferdinand II of Tuscany 18C
      • Duke Cosimo III of Tuscany 18C
      • Gian Gastone dei Medici
      • Prince Ferdinand dei Medici
      • Cardinal Francesco Maria dei Medici,  Duke_of_Rovere_and_Montefeltro

        [for above 5 see Luca Ombresi, "Vita dei Medici sodomiti" (Florence; 1965]

      • King Philip II Augustus r.1179-1223 [and Richard the Lionheart - see Britain]
      • King Charles IX r.1550 (1560?-1574)
      • King Henry III r.1574-1589 [and his "mignons"] and Mougeron;
      •         and Joyeuse
      •         and Epernon
      • Count of Anjou late 16thC [Henry III's brother] and Bussy D'Amboise
      • King Louis XIII b. 1601-r.1610-1643 and Baradas:
      •         and Marquis de Cinq-Mars
      •         and Saint-Simon
      • Louis II of Bourbon, Royal Prince, Military General

      • King William II Rufus 1087-1100
      • Robert, Duke of Normandy late 11th C
      • William Aethling (Son of Henry I) early 12th C
      • King Richard I the Lion-hearted b.1157-r.1189-1199   [and Philip II Augustus]
      • [and Saladin]
      • and Blondel
      • and Raife de Clermon
      • William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely [Justiciar of Richard I] early 13thC
      • King Edward II 1284-1327  and Piers Gaveston,
      • then Hugh Dispenser
      • King Richard II b.1367-r.1377-1399
      • Sir Walter Raleigh 1554-1618
      • King James I & VI.  England and Scotland: 1603-1625
      • King James and Lord Hay
      • King James and Robert Carr
      • King James and George Villiers, Earl of Buckingham
      • The Earl of Castlehaven mid-17th C
      • King William III b.1650-r.1689-1702
      • *Queen Anne 1665-1714 and *Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
      Holy Roman Empire
      • Emperor Fredrick II, 1212-1250
      • Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II of Germany
      • King Boleslaus the Bold, and Leszek Bialy. (13th Century)
      • King Wladyslaw III Jagiellon calledWarnenczyk (15th Century)
      • King Sigismund the Old
      • King Henri de Valois, transsexual
      • Wladyslaw IV (1595-1648) and Adam Kazanowski 
      • Michal Korybut-Wisniowiecki    
      • the last Polish king Stanislaw August Poniatowski. 

      EUROPE, after c 1700

      • Lord Louis Mountbatten [Admiral and Viceroy of India] 1900-1971
      • Lord Avon, [minister in Margaret Thatcher's first administration]

      Germany/ Austria

      • Frederick II the Great of Prussia 1712-1786 and Hans von Katte
      • Prince Henry of Prussia 1726-1802 [suggested as King of America!]
      • King Ludwig II of Bavaria 1845-1886
      • Kaiser Wilhelm II 1859-1941 [r.1888-1918] and Prince Philippe zu Eulenberg 1847-1921


      • Philippe, Duc de Orleans d.1701 [Brother of Louis XIV]
      • Eugene of Savoy
      • Louis, Prince of Conde
      • *Madame Anne-Louise Germaine du Stael 1766-1817
      • *Marie Antoinette 1755-1793
      • Violet-Le-Duc
      • Duc de Nevers
      • Eugene Sue
      • Duc Claude de Villiars
      • King Louis XVIII


      • Empress Anne Ioannovna of Russia, 1730-1740
      • Empress Catherine II (The Great) of Russia, 1762-1796
      • Tsar Alexander I 1777-1825

      • King Charles XII of Sweden
      • *Queen Christina 1626-1689 and *Ebba Sparre
      • Christian VII of Denmark, 1766-1808
      • King Charles XV of Sweden, 1859-1872
      • King Gustavus V of Sweden, 1907-1950

      Other Europe

      • King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, 1908-1918

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