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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Emperor Hui (Liu Ying), China

r.  210 - 188 BCE

Emperor Hui (Liu Ying) was the second ruler of Han dynasty. In the year 194 B.C., emperor Gao (Liu Bang) passed away and was succeeded by the new Emperor Hui-di, who at that time was only seventeen years old.
Liu Ying always had a weak body and mind. During his fathers reign he often thought of giving the right of succession to Liu Ruyi (the Prince of Zhao, son of Lady Qi). But the senior officers opposed this idea. With the help of Zhang Liang, Liu Ying stabilized his position.
Hui-di was a puppet Emperor under Empress Lü and died, and this ended his short seven year reign as Han Emperor.
His father, emperor Gao (or Gaozu), started the custom of favoring officials willing to employ their sexual talents. Hui followed suit - his favorite boy was Hong (or Hongru).
Hong din't have any special talent or ability, but won prominence simply by his look and graces... and availability. Day and night he was at the emperor's side, and all the ministers had to apply to Hong when they wished to meet with the emperor. The young man the emperor loved, subsequently rose to lofty official ranks.

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