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Friday, 26 August 2011

Emperor Jing of Han, Chinese Emperor

r. 156 BC to 141 BCE

Emperor Jing of Han was emperor from 156 BC to 141 BC. His reign saw the limit and curtailment of power of feudal princes which resulted in the Rebellion of the Seven States in 154 BC. Emperor Jing managed to crush the revolt and princes were thereafter denied rights to appoint ministers for their fief. This move consolidated central power which paved the way for the glorious and long reign of his son Emperor Wu of Han.

The most famous of emperor Jing's favorites was Zhou Ren, whose talents at the "secrete games" played in the imperial bed Jing relished. As a result of sexual favor, Zhou Ren and his family found themselves showered with honors and presents from the emperor, aristocracy, and officialdom. The advantages he gained were passed down to his progeny, enabling them to gain entry to the highest circles of government.

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