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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Keith Vaughan (1912 - 1977) UK Painter

b. 23 August 1912
d. 4 November 1977

British painter of figures and landscapes in oils and gouache, who was above all else enthralled by the male human body, which, as Bernard Denvir observed in the catalogue of an exhibition held at Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery in 1981, "assumed in his work an importance it had never known before in the history of British painting."


Vaughan's paintings depicted "Man," often naked and usually too indistinct to identify as individual portraits, in relation to his landscape, his environment, his space. Implicit in much of his work is man as a homosexual in opposition to his fellow man and a hostile world. The work is that of someone who felt himself to be an outsider, looking at situations and relationships in which he cannot participate

Cain and Abel, Mixed Media, 1946

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