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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November 13th in Queer History

Events in LGBT history: 

1933 Top - level members of the Third Reich advised the Head of Police to deliver homosexuals and transvestites to concentration camp Fuhlsbuttel, which had just established homosexuals as a new category.

1979 - San Francisco swore in its first openly gay and lesbian police officers.

1985 - Manchester, England elected Margaret Roff as mayor, making her the first openly lesbian mayor elected in Britain.

1989 - A federal court ruled that the Armstrong amendment, which would have cut off Washington DC's entire 1989 budget unless the city council exempted religious educational institutions from the gay rights provisions of the city's human rights law, was unconstitutional. William Armstrong introduced the measure after the DC Court of Appeals ruled that Georgetown University was not exempt from the gay rights law and ordered the University to provide facilities to gay & lesbian student organizations that are equal to those provided to other student groups.

1995 - A group of lesbians protested an appearance by Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe at a meeting of Commonwealth heads of government in Auckland New Zealand. He had told a group of journalists that homosexuals are trying to destroy society.

2009 – Argentina. Buenos Aires judge allows first same-sex marriage in Argentina and Latin America.

Born this day

Nico (Niek) Engelschman (1913 –  1988),  Dutch.  
Actor,  Activist

John La Touche (1914 – 1956), US.
Musician, Author

Dack Rambo (1941 –  1994), US.

Anna Livia Julian Brawn   (1955 –  2007), Irish.

Rosie Jones (1959 -  ), US.

Claus Larsen  (1967 –  ). Danish 

Died this day

Saki [Hector Hugh Munro] ( 1870 - 1916 ),  UK.

Manoly Lascaris  (1912 -2003)  Egyptian / Australian.  
Lover of Patrick White

John Balance (1962  - 2004 ), UK.  

John Paul Kelso  (?  - 2006), US.  Businessman
Murder Victim

Sodomy laws in history, November 13

1759 — In the Netherlands, minister Andreas Klink is banished for life for having committed sodomy. He defends his attractions as natural.

1912 — The North Carolina Supreme Court upholds the right of juries to return verdicts of attempt to commit sodomy rather than for the completed act.

1914 — A California appellate court reverses a sodomy conviction for having "carnal knowledge" of Frank Love. It says that the term "carnal knowledge" can exist only between people of the opposite sex.

1954 — The Kansas Supreme Court rules that solicitation to commit sodomy is not an attempt to commit it.

1957 — A Texas appellate court upholds a sodomy conviction even though the facts of the case show that the arresting officer could not have seen what he claimed to see in the dark from a great distance.



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