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Thursday, 15 November 2012

November 15th in Queer History

Events this Day in Queer History

1980 - Michael Harcourt, an alderman consistently supportive of the gay community, is elected mayor of Vancouver.

1989 - Massachusetts passed a statewide gay rights law

1992 - Thirty-five members of The Cathedral Project, a gay Roman Catholic group, demonstrated at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City  to protest a Vatican directive urging bishops to oppose laws banning anti-gay bias.

Born this day

Sara Josephine Baker (1873 –  1945),  US.

Georgia O'Keefe (1887 - 1986),  US.
Bisexual artist

Paul Moore (1919 –  2003) US.
Marine, Bishop

Bishop of the Episcopal Church and served as the 13th Bishop of New York. During his lifetime, he was perhaps the best known Episcopal clergyman in the United States, and among the best known Christian clergy in any denomination.

Although twice married and the father of nine children, he was bisexual. This was firmly revealed after his death. Honor Moore, the oldest of his revealed that her father was bisexual with a history of gay affairs in a story she wrote about him in The New Yorker and in the book The Bishop's Daughter: A Memoir.

Fred Richmond  ( 1923 – ),  US.
Navy,  Politician, Pianist

Patricia Marion Fogarty(1940 - )
Illustrator and photographer, lover of filmmaker Jayne Parker.

Dawn Airey  (1960 –  ) UK
Television Executive [Five]

Judy Gold (1962 –  ), US
Comedian / Actress ,  Author,  Producer

Jeroen Willems (1962 –  ),  Dutch.
Actor, Singer,  Director

Evan Adams (1966 –  ), Canadian.
Actor, Playwright,  Doctor

Francois Ozon (1967 –  ),  French.
Director,  Screenwriter

Todd Klinck (1974 –  ), Canadian.  Author / Director / Producer

Stephanie Thomas (1982 –  ), US .  2002  Hate Crime Victim

Died this day

Annemarie Schwarzenbach (1908 -  1942) Swiss.
Author, Journalist –

Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978 ),  US.

Robert McCall (1958 - 1991),  Canadian.
Figure Skater

Jacques Morali (1947  -1991),  French.
Music Producer

Mary Meigs (1917 - 2002 ),  US.
Painter , Author

Hanne Haller (1950 - 2005),  German.
Singer,  Composer,  Author, Producer, Sound Engineer

Donathyn J Rodgers (? - 2005),  US.
Murder Victim

Fred Goldhaber (1947– ) US

Griffith Vaughan Williams ( 1940– 2010 ) UK 

Sodomy laws in history, November 15

1636 Plymouth colony outlaws consensual sodomy with a penalty of death.

1912 Portland newspapers report what becomes known as the "Vice Clique Scandal." Some 68 men are involved in prosecutions for private, consensual sexual relations.

1935 Oregon adopts a new sterilization law and requires names of all known "sexual perverts" in the state to be turned over to the Board of Eugenics.

1941- Heinrich Himmler announced a decree that any member of the Nazi SS or the police who had sex with another man would be put to death.

1950 The Puerto Rico Supreme Court rules that emission is not necessary for a conviction of sodomy.


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