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Sunday, 25 November 2012

November 25th in Queer History

Events in Queer History

1975 – Campaign for Homosexual Equality rally in Trafalgar Square, London, UK

1970 - The Seattle Gay Liberation Front severed ties with the Young Socialist Alliance because their exclusion of homosexuals mirrored Stalin's practices.

1997 - In South Africa, a demonstration was held at the Johannesburg High Court in support of an application to decriminalize sex between men.

1998 - Federal judge Bruce Jenkins ruled that Spanish Fork High School in Salt Lake City Utah violated the rights of teacher Wendy Weaver, who was dismissed from her position as volleyball coach and ordered not to discuss her sexual orientation, even out of school. The judge ordered the school to offer her the coaching position, lift the gag order, and pay her $1,500 in damages.

Born this day

Virgil Thomson (1896 – 1989), US.

Robert Friend (1913 –  1998) US
Poet, Translator

Rosa von Praunheim (1942 – ), Latvian.
Director, Activist

Lars Eighner (1948 – ), US.

Randy Turner ( 1949 –  2005), US.

Bruno Toniolli (1955 – ), Italian / UK.
Dancer, Choreographer, Presenter

David B Feinberg (1956 –  1994), US.
 Author, Activist

Tonie Walsh (1960 –  ) Irish.
Activist, Journalist, Presenter

Craig Seymour (1968 – ), US.
Author, Photographer, Professor,Stripper, Journalist

Jason Rae (1986 – ) US.

Died this day

Yukio Mishima (1925 - 1970 ) Japanese.

Laurence Harvey (1928 - 1973)  Lithuania / UK / South African.

Sir Anton Dolin (1904 - 1983 ) UK.

Alan Bray ( 1948 - 2001) UK.
Historian, Activist

Pierre Seel (1923 - 2005) French.

Sodomy laws in history, November 25

1120 — The sinking of the "White Ship" kills the sons of England’s King Henry I. A writer claims they died as punishment for sodomy.

1953 — The Montana Supreme Court upholds a sodomy conviction over protests of the prosecutor’s statements. The court reporter did not record them all, thus removing them from review.

1964 — The North Carolina Supreme Court rules that a sodomy indictment merely stating that the defendant "committed the abominable and detestable crime against nature" with a named male person was sufficient.

1968 — The Michigan Court of Appeals upholds the constitutionality of the state’s sodomy law.

1980 — The Kentucky Supreme Court rules that circumstantial evidence can be used to prove penetration in sodomy cases.


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