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Monday, 16 January 2012

January 16th in Queer History

Born this day

George Kelly (1887 –  1974) US
Actor / Playwright

Irving Rapper (1898 – 1999) US

Francesco Scavullo (1921 –  2004) US

Susan Sontag (1933 - 2004 ) US 
Essayist, literary and cultural theorist, icon, and political activist. Sontag became aware of her bisexuality during her early teens and at 15 wrote in her diary, "so now I feel I have lesbian tendencies (how reluctantly I write this)." At 16, she had her first sexual encounter with a woman. Later in life, she said in an interview that she had been in love nine times - five women, four men. 

Julie Anne Peters (1952 – ) US

Jill Sobule (1965 – ) US
Singer / Photographer

David Catania (1968 – ) US

Anders Gasland (1968 – ) Norwegian
Politician / Activist / Psychiatrist

Jake Deckard  (1972 – ) US
Porn / Director

Died this day

Sodomy in history, January 16th.

1899 — A Pennsylvania court finds the 1879 sodomy statute, as amended to include oral sex, unconstitutional on technical grounds.

1926 — An Ohio appellate court prohibits the introduction of prior acts of sodomy into a trial.

1985 — A new sex offenses law repealing the consensual sodomy law takes effect in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


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