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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January 3rd in Queer History

Born this day

Dorothy Arzner (1897 –  1979) US

Boris Kochno (1904 – 1990) Russian

John Marsden (1942 – 2006) Australian
Lawyer / Activist

David Starkey (1945 – ) UK
Historian / Presenter

Marla Glen (1960 – ) US
Singer / Composer

Colin Cowie (1962 – ) Zambian / US
Lifestyle Guru

Bruce Labruce (1964 – ) Canadian
Director / Screenwriter / Photographer / Porn

Carol Guess (1968 – ) US
Author / Poet

Daniel Bryan (1971 – ) UK
Reality TV [Big Brother] / DJ / Hairdresser

Died this day

Guglielmo Pluschow (1852 - 1930 ) German

Arthur Gold (1917 - 1990) US
Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale were an American two-piano ensemble; they were also authors and television cooking show hosts.
Gold and Fizdale met during their student years at the Juilliard School. They formed a lifelong personal and professional partnership based on their common interests of music (forming one of the most important piano duos of the 20th century), travel and cooking.

Monique Wittig  (1935 - 2003) French
Author / Feminist Theorist

Mary Daly (1928 - 2010 ) US
"Radical lesbian feminist", feminist theologian.

Sodomy in history, January 3rd

1757 — In England, the 18-year-old son of Lord Denbigh successfully resists an attempt to extort money from him on grounds of his being a sodomite.

1911 — The Washington Supreme Court upholds a sodomy conviction over the contention that the requirement that all jurors be taxpayers created a biased jury and after leading questions were asked.

1918 — The Louisiana Supreme Court overturns the forfeiture of bail of a man convicted of sodomy assessed against him because he had not appeared for trial due to an oversight.

1980 — A Michigan appellate court upholds the state’s sodomy law against vagueness and sex-discrimination charges.


On this gay day
Calendar of Sodomy, January

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