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Thursday, 5 January 2012

January 5th in Queer History

Events this day

1974 – Brunswick 4 arrested in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The Brunswick Four were four lesbians involved in a historic incident in Toronto, Ontario in 1974. The four were evicted from the Brunswick Tavern, a working-class beer hall on Bloor Street, subsequently arrested, and three were later tried in Ontario Court for obstruction of justice. Gay historian Tom Warner believes that the arrest and its consequences was a key incident ushering in a more militant gay and lesbian liberation movement in Canada, much as the Stonewall Inn Riots politicized gays and lesbians in the United States.

Born this day

Alvin Ailey Jr (1931 - 1989 ) US 
A prolific choreographer, Alvin Ailey created 79 original works for his company. His signature piece, “Revelations” (1960), is touted as the most-watched work of modern dance.
Ailey died at age 58 from complications of AIDS. In his memory, a section of West 61st Street in New York was named “Alvin Ailey Way.”

Terenci Moix (1942 – 2003) Spanish 
Catalan writer who wrote in Spanish and in Catalan. He is also the brother of poet/novelist Anna Maria Moix. An annual literature prize, the Terenci Moix Fundación Arena de Narrativa Gay y Lésbica bears his name.

Ignace van Swieten (1943 – 2005) Dutch
Football referee, who was named Dutch Referee of the Year in 1984.
He was the first professional football referee to come out as gay.

David DeCoteau (1962 – )  Candian / US 
American and Canadian film director and producer

Steven Cojocaru (1965 – ) Canadian 
Steven Cojocaru (known by the nickname "Cojo"), is a Canadian fashion critic.

Kate Schellenbach (1966 – ) US 
Drummer for The Beastie Boys from 1979 to 1984, and drummed for Luscious Jackson until the band broke up in spring of 2000. Schellenbach was also the drummer for the New York all-girl punk band, the Lunachicks, during the summer of 1992.

Chris McKoy (1971 - 2001 ) UK 
DJ who used the name Dr. Funk. When he was 21 he was one of the people behind Vox in Brixton, London, which became Europe's biggest black gay club. He introduced black music to the mainstream gay club scene in a new way, and brought black gay club music out of the shadows.

Ryan O’Meara (1984 – ) US 
Ice dancer. With partner Jamie Silverstein, he is a 2006 Olympian. Following his retirement from competitive skating, he began working full time as a coach and an interior designer.

Solomon  (1987 – ) US 
Electronic hip hop recording artist, rapper, producer and songwriter based in San Diego, California.[1] He is also the founder of SolRay Records.

Saint's day:

St Apolinaria / Dorotheos
One of a group of several "cross-dressing" saints in the early Christian church: women who dressed as men, to gain admittance to male monasteries.

Died this day

George Washington Carver (1864 – 1943 ) US  

Lincoln Kirstein (1907 - 1996 ) US   
Writer, impresario, art connoisseur, and cultural figure in New York City. According to the New York Times, he was "an expert in many fields." He had a large circle of friends who stimulated creativity in many of the arts, and numerous sexual relationships with men, from casual encounters to longer relationships. He was the primary patron of the homoerotic artist Paul Cadmus, and after he married Cadmus' sister, Fidelma, some of his boyfriends lived with them.

Sodomy in history, January 5th

1919 — New York City police raid the Everard baths and arrest 10 men for sexual activity.

1921 — The Massachusetts Supreme Court upholds the nuisance conviction of a man for operating a Gay bath house.

1977 — A bill to reinstate sodomy as a crime in Indiana is introduced into the House. It is defeated in a committee by a vote of 6-4.

1984 — Illinois repeals its "lewd fondling or caress" law, more than two decades after repealing its sodomy law.

1993 — The Wisconsin Court of Appeals finds that the solicitation and touching of an undercover police officer constitutes "disorderly conduct" under state law.

1997 — A British tabloid accuses Conservative M.P. Jerry Hayes with having an affair in 1991 with a then-18-year-old male. At the time, 18 was under the age of consent.


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