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Sunday, 1 January 2012

January 1st in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2004 – Tasmania adopts registered partnerships as part of their Relationships Act 2003
2007 – Registered partnerships begin in Switzerland
2007 – Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations come into effect inNorthern Ireland, UK
2008 – Same-sex civil unions adopted in New Hampshire, USA & Uruguay
2009 – Norway adopts same-sex marriages / Allows joint & step adoption by same-sex couples / IVF/artificial insemination for women married to, or in a relationship with women
2009 – North Cyprus legalises homosexuality
2010 – New Hampshire, USA adopts same-sex marriages effective this day

Born this day

Pope Alexander VI (1431-1503), Italian
One of the Borgia family, notorious for their many excesses. He was believed to have reduced Rome to unparalleled depths of depravity, and the city teemed with assassins and prostitutes of both sexes. Alexander was himself much given to womanizing, having sired eight or more children, including the infamous Lucrezia Borgia, but he was apparently not averse to the charms of young men as well. 

Katherine Philips (1632 –  1664) UK
Poet, who may have had a ten-year relationship with "Lucasia", from 1651 to 1661. At their more ecstatic, Philips' poems celebrate the sublime "mysteries" of love between women. 

EM Forster (1879 –  1970) UK
A prolific and internationally acclaimed writer. His works display his acute awareness of the social and political problems of his time and his belief in the power of human connection. Though best known for novels, he wrote numerous short stories and nonfiction works.
“Maurice,” his only novel to deal directly with a homosexual theme, was not published until a year after his death, at the author’s request. Written when homosexuality was illegal in England, the book revolved around a gay man and his relationships. Though unwilling to publish “Maurice,” Forster fought against the suppression of Radclyffe Hall’s novel about a lesbian Englishwoman, “The Well of Loneliness” (1928).

Albert Mol (1917 – 2004) Dutch
Author / Actor

James Hormel (1933 – ) US 
A philanthropist and community leader who was the first openly gay United States Ambassador.

Joe Orton (1933 –  1967) UK

Eloy de la Iglesia (1944 – 2006) Spanish 

Nahum B Zenil (1947 – ) Mexican

Romy Haag (1951 – ) Dutch
Dancer / Singer / Actress / Club Manager

Adriano Marquez (1965 – ) Spanish 

Joey Stefano (1968 –  1994) US 

Magdalen Hsu-Li (1970 –  ) US 
Singer / Painter / Poet / Activist

Peter Raeg (1975 – ) Australian 

Died this day

Loie Fuller (1862 - 1928) US 
Dancer / Lighting Designer

Victor Buono (1938 - 1982 ) US 
Comedian / Actor

Cesar Romero (1907 - 1994 ) US 

Jim Hutton  (1949 - 2010 )
Hairdresser / Former lover of Freddie Mercury

Sodomy in history, January

New laws take effect repealing consensual sodomy laws in

Illinois (1962),
Oregon (1972),
Hawaii (1973),
Ohio (1974),
California (1976),
Guam (1978),
Iowa (1978),
Alaska (1980),
American Samoa (1980).


On this gay day
Calendar of Sodomy, January

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