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Friday, 12 April 2013

April 12th in Queer History

Born this day

Marc-Antoine Muret  (1526 –  1585) French

Robert Fizdale (1920 - 1995)  US 
Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale were an American two-piano ensemble; they were also authors and television cooking show hosts.
Gold and Fizdale met during their student years at the Juilliard School. They formed a lifelong partnership based around their common interests of music , travel and cooking.

William M Hoffman  (1939 – ) US
Playwright / Editor / Professor

Toi Derricote  (1941 – )  US

Charles Ludlam  (1943 – )  US
Actor / Director / Playwright – Died 28th May 1987

Alex Briley  (1947/51 – ) US

Willi Ninja  (1961 –  2006) US
Dancer / Choreographer

Amy Ray  (1964 – )  US
Musician / Singer / Songwriter / Record Producer

Slava Mogutin  (1974 – )  Russian
Artist / Author / Photographer

Deen  (1982 – )  Bosnia-Herzegovina

Died this day

Josephine Baker   (1906 - 1975)  US / French
Dancer / Singer / Actress

James Schuyler (1923 – 1991 ) US.  Poet

Schuyler's foremost subject was his own life, and he wrote openly about his homosexuality. In fact, his sexual frankness was pointed out for particular admiration by the poet and critic Howard Moss, who observed that "[Schuyler] is in touch with parts of himself not usually available for examination and not often handled by most writers."

American poet whose awards include the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 1980 collection The Morning of the Poem. He was a central figure in the New York School and is often associated with fellow New York School poets John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, and Barbara Guest.

Alejandra Galicio  ( ?  - 2005 ) Argentine
Murder Victim

Werner Schroeter  (1945 - 2010)  German
Director / Screenwriter

Sodomy in history, 
April 12

1889 Ohio amends its sodomy law to include fellatio. A member of the state legislature tries unsuccessfully to block the bill’s passage.
1921Minnesota amends its sodomy law to include oral sex.
1950 — A Pennsylvania court rules that cunnilingus violates the state’s sodomy law.


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