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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April 3rd in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2009 – Same-sex marriages legalised in Iowa, USA [becoming effective 27thApril 2009]

Born this day

Miguel Bosé (1956 - ), Spanish 
Latin Grammy-winning Spanish/Italian musician and actor.

Marlon Brando  (1924 –  2004) US

William Bast  (1931 – )  US
Screenwriter / Author

Lino Brocka  (1939 –  1991)  Filipino

David Hyde Pierce  (1959 –  )  US

James Matthew Jones  (1961 – )  US

Saint's day

Richard of Chichester (1197 – 1253), UK
Bishop, who had a particularly close life-long friendship (probably not sexual) with Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury

Died this day

Peter Pears  (1910 - 1986)  UK Singer  

David Herbert  (1908-1995)  UK
Author / Socialite / Interior Designer

 Lionel Bart  (1930 - 1999) UK Composer

Evelyn Irons  (1900 - 2000) UK

Sodomy in history, 
April 3

1930West Virginia outlaws oral sex. With its new criminal code, it finally eliminates the term "buggery" from its sodomy law.
1939Colorado outlaws oral sex, more than 11 years after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that fellatio was not a "crime against nature." It also lowers the maximum penalty from life to 14 years. The law includes an emergency clause, but why 11 years could pass before it became an emergency is unclear.
1963 Colorado repeals its ban on voting by anyone convicted of sodomy.
1975New Mexico passes a sexual offenses revision, repealing the state’s sodomy law, but retaining common-law crimes.
1989 — The Washington Court of Appeals finds a privacy interest in sex in enclosed restroom stalls.


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