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Thursday, 18 April 2013

April 18th in Queer History

Events this day

2007 – Erin Davis’ VW Beetle found vandalised sparking her Fagbug tour and video project

Born this day

Kathy Acker (1947 - 1997 ) US
An experimental novelist, punk poet, playwright, essayist, postmodernist and sex-positive feminist writer, Acker was strongly influenced by the Black Mountain School, William S. Burroughs, David Antin, French critical theory, philosophy, and pornography.
Acker's radical experiments with the postmodern novel have attracted considerable notoriety. Some critics praise her technical skill, but she has drawn mixed reactions to the incorporation of graphic sex acts and violence in her fiction. A subversive literary inventor and a defiant voice against patriarchal society, Acker exerted an important influence on postmodern fiction and contemporary feminist discourse.

C Dale Young  (1969 – )   US
poet and writer, physician, editor and educator.

Roeland Fernhout  (1972 – )  Dutch
Actor and television presenter. After roles in theatre and television, he became known to a wider audience in the film "Sister". In 2007, "as a joke", he formed a boyband, Bearforce 1, which became unexpectedly popular, thanks to a Youtube video.

Louise Pratt  (1972 – )  Australian
Politician, and a Labor member of the Australian Senate for Western Australia. She was the second open lesbian to be elected to an Australian parliament, and the first to have a transsexual man as a partner.

Gavin Creel  (1976 – )  US
Actor, singer and song writer.

Died this day

Rob Touber (1936 - 1975), Dutch
Television director.

Vincent Hanley ((1954 -1987) Irish
A pioneering Irish radio DJ and television presenter, nicknamed "Fab Vinny". He worked mainly for Radio Telefís Éireann, and was the first Irish celebrity to die from an AIDS-related illness.
In life, Hanley denied that his illness was AIDS related, reflecting reflected the stigma then associated with the disease and with homosexuality in Ireland, which was not decriminalised until 1993. In 2000, Hanley's friend and colleague Bill Hughes, who had himself come out in the 1990s, agreed that Hanley had in fact died of an AIDS-related illness.The same year, the Sunday Tribune newspaper placed Hanley at the top of a list of Irish gay icons.

Alexander Stephanovich(? - 2001) Belarussian
Hate Crime Victim 

Yankel Feather (1920 - 2009)  UK
Painter, a member of the Liverpool Academy of Arts and Newlyn Society of Artists.
Openly gay, but never camp, Feather found love with two long term partners late in life, Bill King whilst living in Cornwall and Terry Arbuckle who shared his studio home together at Hove in Brighton.

Sodomy in history,  
April 18

1892 New York amends its sodomy law. The five-year minimum penalty is eliminated and the intention of the legislature is more clear, covering all forms of anal and oral sex, but not covering things like mutual masturbation or frottage, which may have been covered under the 1886 law.

1916Maryland outlaws oral sex, although its statute is so broadly worded that probably any form of erotic activity is criminalized. This is in reaction to the 1915 state vice commission report.

1930New Jersey prohibits solicitation for lewdness.

1967 — A federal judge in Wisconsin overturns the state courts’ decisions against a man who had spent more than ten years in institutions for a sodomy conviction. He had no assistance of counsel at the original proceedings.

1973 — The Minnesota House of Representatives defeats a bill to repeal the state’s sodomy law.

1983Kansas passes a new sodomy law that makes sodomy for hire a less serious crime that not for hire.


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