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Saturday, 6 April 2013

April 6th in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2011 – Civil Partnerships come into effect in Isle of Man, UK

Saint's day

Notker Balbulus (Notker the Stammerer) ( 840 – 912), Switzerland
Monk, who is said to have written homoerotic verse or love letters

Born this day

Gale Wilhelm    (1908 –  1991) US

Ram Dass  (1931 – ) US
Spiritual Teacher

Ed Schrock  (1941 – )  US

Rob Epstein  (1955 – ) US
Director / Producer / Screenwriter

Francis Garcia  (1958 – 2007) Mexican
Actor / Designer

Jim Rondeau  (1959 – )  Canadian

Gregory Durham  (1969 – )  US
Businessman / Activist

Died this day

Charlotte Charke (1713 –  1760) UK
Actress / Playwright / Author

Sodomy in history, 
April 6

1912 — The Nevada Supreme Court overturns a conviction for assault to commit sodomy because the jury was not instructed on possible "innocent motive."
1928 — The California Supreme Court overturns a sodomy conviction for activity on veterans’ home property, saying that the federal government has jurisdiction.
1929 — A police raid on the Lafayette Baths in New York leads to charges being filed against patrons for acts they never committed. One patron has two ribs broken and is blinded in one eye by police brutality.
1935 — The Kansas Supreme Court upholds the sodomy conviction of a man for sex with consenting teens. Favorable testimony to him is excluded from the trial.
1970 — The Colorado Supreme Court rules that cunnilingus violates the state’s sodomy law.
1971 — The Indiana Supreme Court upholds the state’s sodomy law against a vagueness challenge. A powerful dissent by Justice Roger de Bruler indicts the majority for failure to see its own prejudice in the case.
1984 — A Louisiana appellate court overturns a man’s conviction for exposing and fondling an undercover police officer. The court said that the state’s law on indecent exposure requires that the defendant expose him or herself, not another person.


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