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Friday, 15 March 2013

March 15th in Queer History

Born this day

Lionel Pigot Johnson  (1867 –  1902) UK
Poet / Author / Journalist 

Colin McPhee  (1900 –  1964) Canadian

Ruth Simpson   (1926 –  2008) US
Author / Activist

Cecil Taylor  (1929 – ) US
Pianist / Poet

Kate Bornstein  (1948 –  ) US
Author / Playwright

Saint's day

Longinus the Centurion – The Gay Centurion?
Longinus is the name given to the Roman centurion said to have pierced Christ's sword on the cross, but the name is also associated with the  (unnamed) Roman centurion who asked Jesus to heal his sick "slave". The slave, or "pais" (boy) is likely to have served as a sexual partner, as well as a domestic servant.

Died this day

Julius Caesar  (100 - 44 BC) Roman

Friedrich Radszuweit (1876 – 1932) German

Sodomy in history, March

1820 — Maine enters the Union and receives the Massachusetts sodomy law.
1963 — A California appellate court upholds the oral copulation conviction of a man who stopped in a restroom for "relief sexually" while "waiting to pick up his wife." He said he’d done this several times before.
2001 — A Texas appellate court upholds that state’s consensual sodomy law.


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