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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March 27th in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

2009 – Japan acknowledges its nationals same-sex marriages to foreigners from countries or states where same-sex marriages are legal
2010 – First ever Exeter Pride, Devon, UK

Born this day

Denton Welch (1915 - 1948 ) UK
English-American writer and painter, admired for his vivid prose and precise descriptions.

Frank O’Hara  (1926 – )  US

Maria Schneider (1952 – 2011)French
Actress, best known for playing Jeanne, opposite Marlon Brando, in the 1972 film Last Tango in Paris.

Reed Gusciora  (1960 – ) US

Johannes Kerkorrel  (1960 – 2002) South African
Born Ralph John Rabie, Kerkorrel was a South African singer-songwriter, journalist and playwright who worked as a journalist on the Afrikaans-language, government supporting weekly newspaper Rapport. Later, he performed politically-themed cabaret, then became a full-time musician and performer under the name Johannes Kerkorrel ("John Church Organ"), and exposed divergent political views to a new generation of Afrikaners.

Renato Russo (1960 – 1996)Brazilian
Singer and songwriter, who aged 18 outed himself as bisexual to his mother, and in 1988 he made it public by writing the song "Meninos e Meninas" ("Boys n' Girls") with the chorus stating, in English, "I like St. Paulo, I like St. João, I like St. Francisco and St. Sebastião, and I like boys and girls."
His death in 1996 was due to complications caused by AIDS

Dave Koz  (1963 – )  US
Musician / Presenter

Stacy Ann Ferguson [Fergie] (1975 – )  US
Singer / Songwriter / Rapper / Model / Actress

Sanne van Kerkhof  (1987 – ) Dutch
Speed Skater

Died this day

James I   (1566 - 1625)  English

Gordon Merrick  (1916 -1988 )  US
Actor / Author

Ed Savitz   (1942 - 1993)  US

Sodomy in history, March

1874 — Illinois reduces the penalty for sodomy from life to a maximum of 10 years in prison.
1958 — A New York court decides that loitering for sodomy is legal if there is no attempt to breach the peace.
1959 — A California appellate court upholds the revocation of the license of a Turkish bath for allowing sex on the premises. The Court ridicules the defense of privacy and says that morality is more important.
1972 — Idaho reenacts its entire pre-1971 criminal code, reinstating common-law crimes and the sodomy law with a penalty of up to life imprisonment.
1976 — Wisconsin repeals its law prohibiting the publicizing of the names of victims of sexual crimes, including sodomy.


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