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Monday, 25 March 2013

March 25th in Queer History

Born this day

Grand Prince Vasily III of Moscow, (1479 - 1533)
Prince and military general. Vasily was homosexual throughout his life. He went to the extent of announcing this fact to other gay men of his time by shaving off his beard when his twenty-year marriage to his first wife was terminated--being beardless was a sort of gay password at the time.

During Vasily's second marriage, he was able to perform his conjugal duties only when an officer of his guard joined him and his wife in bed in the nude

Tobias Schneebaum (1922 –  2005) US
Artist, anthropologist, and AIDS activist. He is best known for his experiences living, and traveling among the Harakmbut people of Peru, and the Asmat people of Papua, Western New Guinea

Cecil Taylor  (1929 – )  US
Pianist and poet.Classically trained, Taylor is generally acknowledged as one of the pioneers of free jazz.

Bernard King (1934 - 2002 ) Australian
Stage actor, celebrity chef, and television personality.

Elton John  (1947 – ) UK
Singer-songwriter, composer, pianist and occasional actor.With his civil partner David Furnish he is well a known champion for LGBT social movements.

Susie Bright  (1958 – )  US
Author / Presenter / Activist

John Maybury  (1958 – )  UK
Director / Screenwriter

Thom Bierdz  (1962 – ) US
Actor / Author / Painter

Sheryl Swoopes (1971 – ) US
Professional basketball player with the Houston Comets in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). She is called "the female Michael Jordan."

Ramon te Wake  (1976 – ) New Zealand
Presenter / Singer / Songwriter

Daniel Vosovic  (1981 – ) US
Reality TV [Project: Runway] / Fashion Designer

Andrew Goldstein  (1983 –  ) US

Died this day

Roland Barthes ( 1915 – 1980 ) French. 
Literary Critic, Philosopher

Robert Joffrey (1928/30 – 1988) US
Dancer, teacher, producer and choreographer, known for his highly imaginative modern ballets for his company, the Joffrey Ballet. Joffrey died on March 25, 1988 of AIDS at the age of 57. In 2000, Joffrey was inducted into the National Museum of Dance C.V. Whitney Hall of Fame.

Joop Admiraal  (1937 - 2006)  Dutch

Sodomy in history, March 25th

1734 — A Georgia man receives 300 lashes for sodomy in a religious colony. No law authorizes the penalty.
1938 — A California appellate court overturns a sodomy conviction based on hearsay evidence. The "evidence" was merely that the defendant owned a Turkish bath where sodomy was presumed to take place.
1940 — The Indiana Supreme Court upholds a sodomy conviction after the trial judge refused to allow all of the defendant’s character witnesses to testify.
1953 — The Oklahoma Court of Appeals rules that the state’s lewdness law covers same-sex activity.
1963 — New Mexico passes a new criminal code, but does not repeal its sodomy law. The sentence is set at 2-10 years and/or $5,000.
1993 — Idaho enacts a sex offender registration law that includes consensual sodomy.


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