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Friday, 1 March 2013

March 1st in Queer History

Events this day in Queer History

1972 – The Body Politic magazine first published (Canada)
1982 – Anti-discrimination laws introduced covering employment and provision of goods & services in Norway
1986 – Anti-discrimination laws introduced covering all other areas not already covered in Norway
2008 – Homosexuality legalised for the second time in Nicaragua
2008 – Homosexuality legalised in Panama
2010 – Mexico City legalises same-sex marriage (effective this day) (Mexico)

Born this day

Jacob Schorer (1866 – 1957) Dutch
Lawyer / Activist

Lytton Strachey  (1880 –  1932) UK
Author / Poet / Critic

Mercedes de Acosta  (1893 –  1968), Cuban / US
Poet / Playwright

Dimitri Mitropoulos 1896 - 1960 Greek  

Greek conductor, pianist, and composer. Mitropoulos was noted as a champion of modern music, such as that by the members of the Second Viennese School. He wrote a number of pieces for orchestra and solo works for piano, and also arranged some of Johann Sebastian Bach's organ works for orchestra. In addition he was very influential in encouraging Leonard Bernstein's interest in conducting performances of Mahler's symphonic works. He also premiered and recorded a piano concerto of Ernst Krenek as soloist (available on CD), and works by composers in the U.S. such as Roger Sessions and Peter Mennin. In 1952 he commissioned American composer Philip Bezanson to write a piano concerto, which he premiered the following year.

Oliver Baldwin, 2nd Earl Baldwin of Bewdley  (1899 –  1958) UK

Nuala O’Faolain (1940 –  2008), Irish
Journalist / Author

Michael Sundin  (1961 – 1989), UK
Trampolinist / Actor / Presenter / Dancer

Kevin Tsai  (1962 – )  Chinese

Bryan Batt  (1963 – )  US

Miss Shangay Lily  (1963 – ), Spanish
Drag Queen / Writer / Director / Actor

Paco Vidarte (1970 – 2008 ) Spanish
Author / Activist / Philosopher

Thomas Ades  (1971 – ) UK
Composer / Pianist / Conductor

Died this day

Mikhail Kuzmin  (1872 - 1936) Russian
Poet / Musician

Frank Sargeson (1903 - 1982) New Zealand

Kristian Digby (1977 - 2010)  UK
Presenter / Director / Columnist 

Sodomy in history, March 1st:

1642 — In Plymouth, Edward Michell and Edward Preston are found guilty of "lewd and sodomitical practices" for engaging in frottage. Both are flogged.
1656 — New Haven Colony makes sexual relations between women a capital offense. This is the only of the English colonies to do so.
1665 — After a temporary takeover of New Netherland by the English, the governor of what is now called New York issues a proclamation making sodomy a capital crime. The law also covers New Jersey.
1780 — Pennsylvania eliminates the discrimination in its sodomy law between whites and blacks.
1902 — Puerto Rico passes its first criminal code as a U.S. possession. It outlaws sodomy with a possible life sentence and abrogates common-law crimes.
1955 — The Arizona Supreme Court upholds a sentence of 60-100 years in prison for 20 counts of consensual sodomy.
1965 — The U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear a challenge to the Louisiana sodomy law.
1969 — Jim Morrison is arrested in Miami for obscenity after his on-stage performance of pretending to fellate his guitarist, and then allegedly exposing himself to the audience.


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