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Monday, 4 March 2013

March 4th in Queer History

Born this day

Sir Hector Archibald MacDonald 1853- 1903)Scotland
Military General 

Emilio Prados (1899 –  1962) Spanish
Poet / Editor

Judith Furse   (1912 – 1974) UK

Jean O’Leary   (1948 –  2005) US
Originally intending to be a Catholic nun, O'Leary left the convent without completing her training. She later became a pioneer activist for lesbian and gay rights.

Svend Robinson  (1952 – ) Canadian
Politician / Activist / Lawyer

Boris Moiseev  (1954 - ) 
Russian Dancer / Choreographer / Singer

Wash West  (1966 –  ) UK
Director / Screenwriter

Chaz Bono  (1969 – )   US
Trans activist [daughter of Sonny & Cher]

Traver Rains  (1977 –  ) US
Fashion Designer

Died this day

Nestor Almendros – Spanish
Cinematographer (1930 - 1992/5)

Glenn Hughes (1950 - 2001) US

Bob Hattoy   (1950 - 2007)  US

Sodomy in history, March 4th

1903 — In a prosecution for consensual sodomy in New York, two men are listed in the indictment as having assaulted each other.
1904 — The Georgia Supreme Court interprets the state’s "crime against nature" law to include fellatio. It claims that the reason for the 1817 English case with the opposite conclusion was that fellatio "was not known to the law then.
1909 — Congress passes the Assimilative Crimes Act which makes any act done on federal property within a state a federal crime if the state has a law against it. This makes sodomy a crime only on federal property located within states.
1955 — New Mexico amends its "crime against nature" law to cover oral sex.
1996 — The California Supreme Court rules that Gay men selectively prosecuted for solicitation can challenge their prosecution.


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